Discover Our Dynamic School Holiday Camp!

Enriching experiences await at our school holiday camp. Expertly guided, children enjoy tailored gymnastics, art, and music classes. Their creativity blossoms with artwork to take home, and we keep you connected through daily photos and videos shared via mobile links. With a nurturing environment and skilled instructors, your child’s growth and joy are paramount. Join us for a holiday where exploration and creativity flourish!

Abrakadoodle was founded in Virginia USA in 2002

We launched in Australia in 2019


More than 1 million children around the
world have benefited art education course of



More than 1000 locations in many

countries and regions


Global professional teachers


Won more than 40 international and

domestic awards

Why  Wre  Are Special

 1. Enriching Learning Experiences
Our camp offers an array of diverse activities that captivate young minds. From engaging in gymnastics, exploring the world of art, to immersing themselves in music, children are immersed in a rich tapestry of learning.
2. Exceptional Faculty, Inspiring Setting
Our camp features dedicated team of skilled educators who foster growth across gymnastics, art, and music. Set in a nurturing environment, our well-equipped classrooms provide the perfect canvas for children to learn, create, and flourish.
3. Real-time Parent-Child Connection
 We value parental involvement and communication. Every day, we capture memorable moments from your child’s activities, upload them to Google drive, and share them with parents through mobile links.


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The world's leader in visual arts education

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Nickelodeon Awards Including “Best Art Class” and “Best Party Entertainer”

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