200 Kids Create ‘Harmony Tree’ Artwork Celebrating Diversity!

Date: 26-26 Mar 2023 | Location: Top Ryde City Shopping Centre

In honor of Harmony Week, over 200 kids came together to celebrate diversity and unity through art. Using hand-shaped paper, they drew their favorite colors and patterns, creating a stunning group artwork that represents the cultural diversity of their community. Their hand artworks were then arranged on trees, forming a “Harmony Tree” that symbolizes the beauty and strength that comes from embracing differences. Check out the amazing artwork below and let’s continue to promote harmony and inclusivity in our community!

Chinese Lantern Festival

Date: 05-06 Feb 2023 | Location: Burwood Park

Chinese Lantern Festival (Yuan Xiao Jie) falls on February 05 this year. It is a festive day and the end of Chinese New Year for the Chinese. Abrakadoodle had a continuation of the activity from Top Ryde to Burwood!

Christmas: Design Your Wreth

Date: 21-28 Jan 2023 | Location: Abrakadoodle Art School – Top Ryde

Abrakadoodle Art School organized a workshop to design your wreth for Christmas! We are glad that families enjoyed this interactive workshop very much.


Christmas: Postcard Workshop

Date: 03-04 Dec & 10-11 Dec 2022 | Location: Top Ryde Shopping Center

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way! Do you already know what festival it is? Christmas is coming! Children have written their messages to Mr. Santa Claus and showed him how creative they were in making their postcards.


Halloween Workshop

Date: 29-30 Oct 2022 | Location: Top Ryde Shopping Center

During Halloween, Abrakadoodle usually partners with My Gym to organise an egg hunting activity for children at their center in Top Ryde. Besides egg hunting activity this year, Abrakadoodle hosted another event with Top Ryde Shopping Center – badge or bag making!


Cloud Forest: Tree Day Tree Planting

Date: 31 Jul & 07 Aug 2022 | Location: Upjohn Reserve, Rotary Athletic Field, Band Hall Reserve

As Abrakadoodle had centers at different locations, hence we partnered with a few organisations to organise the tree planting activity.

On the actual day of Tree Day, we went to Upjohn Reserve which was organised by Greater Sydney Landcare, and Rotary Athletic Field organised by the Willoughby Council. There were a few activities which included tree planting, native plants giveaway, face painting, and bbq!  

We also went to Band Hall Reserve a week after the Tree Day for a planting session with the families from Abrakadoodle. Despite not being on the actual day of the Tree Day, the City of Canterbury Bankstown was still very welcoming and families had greatly enjoyed it.


Cloud Forest: Art Workshop

Date: 04-17 Jul 2022 | Location: Top Ryde Shopping Center

Abrakadoodle organised Cloud Forest event to celebrate Tree Day, and encourage youth to show their appreciation for Mother Nature. We had free art workshops daily from 04 to 17 July 2022, and each session lasted for 30 minutes. We have proudly collected a total of 380 artworks locally and internationally.