Harmony Week

Happy Harmony Week, everyone! We’re so excited to share the amazing artwork from our free art event celebrating cultural diversity. Over 200 kids joined us to draw their favourite colours and patterns on hand-shaped paper, creating a stunning group artwork that truly symbolizes the diversity of our cultures. We’ve showcased their hand artworks on trees, like leaves on a tree, forming a “Harmony Tree”. Check out the wonderful artwork below and let’s continue to come together to celebrate our differences!


Young Archie 2023

The Art Gallery of New South Wales invites budding artists between the ages of 5 and 18 to submit a portrait for the Young Archie portrait competition. The portrait must be of a person who is special to you – someone who is known to you, and who knows you, and plays a significant role in your life.

Abrakadoodle Art School has proudly received 17 entries from our students and submitted them as group entry to this competition. Check out their awesome artworks below!



National Tree Day

Thank you to all the amazing kids who participated in our National Tree Day Kids Art Gallery! Your creativity and talent truly inspired us and we loved seeing all your beautiful artwork.


We also want to thank all the parents and guardians who supported and encouraged their children to participate. It’s wonderful to see the younger generation take an interest in nature and the environment.


Let’s continue to promote awareness and appreciation for trees and the role they play in our ecosystem. Remember, every small action counts when it comes to preserving our planet.We hope you all had a fantastic National Tree Day and we look forward to seeing you at future events!Don’t forget to follow our page for updates on upcoming events and initiatives. Thank you again and keep up the great work! ???