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Lauren : 3.5 years old

“Lauren enjoys Abrakadoodle art class very much, we displayed all her artwork on a wall at home, she is so pround to show off her “gallery” to any friends who visit our home. She enjoys talking about the arty words and skills she has learnt in Abrakadoodle classes.”


Lucas : 5.5 years old

Lucas looks forward to attending Abrakadoodle art class every week as it’s the most enjoyable thing for him. He loves using the new skills and techniques he learns in class and applying them to his artwork at home or school. He also enjoys sharing the arty words he learns with others. We highly recommend Abrakadoodle to parents seeking an engaging and supportive art program for their children.


Myra : 7.5 years old

“When Myra first came to Abrakadoodle she was shy, but now her favourite part of art class is the presentation where she can talk all about what she made and her artistic ideas. This has made her more confident at public speaking at school and her mum is really impressed with her growing confidence and how intelligent she sounds when she speaks about art.”

Nicole : 3 years old

For the past five months, Nicole has been a student in the Mini Doodlers art classes. She is constantly discovering new materials and techniques, and her eagerness to try something new is evident in her passion for art-making. Her natural curiosity and love for play shines through in the joy she brings to each project. While she is still developing her fine motor skills and learning to control the materials, her enthusiasm and imagination more than make up for any technical limitations.”

Olivia : 5 years old

We’re delighted with the progress Olivia has made since she began studying with Abrakadoodle Art Studio in November 2022. She has a real passion for painting and drawing and enjoys using lots of colors and paper in her artworks. It’s great to see how much she loves learning new art skills.


Doreen : 3 years old

Ever since Doreen started attending her art class, her passion for drawing has been ignited. It develops her problem-solving, critical thinking, and fine motor skills. Art classes also provide an opportunity for parents to bond with their children. It is an exceptional outlet for artistic expression and a valuable opportunity to learn new skills

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