Abrakadoodle Art School runs workshops for children at various locations. Each workshop will have a specific theme and topic and focus on a particular area of art-making, such as drawing, coloring, and painting. These workshops are engaging and interesting as they are relevant to the happenings during that period. They are held in a creative and nurturing environment designed to activate and expand on your passion to create!

Cloud Forest for Tree Day | Jul-Aug 2022

Abrakadoodle Art School has organized a series of events for Tree Day. It includes free art workshops, an art gallery, tree planting, an art auction, e-certificates, and an e-magazine. We are proud to partner with various organizations to make this happen. The event started before Tree Day to spread environmental awareness. We have collected a total of 380 artworks from Australia, the USA, and China, and are excited to have them on display for the public.

Design a postcard to Santa Claus | 3-4 Dec & 10-11 Dec 2022

Children design their own postcards based on Christmas Theme to Santa Claus. Their postcards are also displayed at Top Ryde Shopping Center. Children also received a reply and certificate from Abrakadoodle Santa Claus.

Create a bag or badge for Halloween | 29-30 Oct 2022

Abrakadoodle Art School hosted a mobile workshop for children to touch up your outfit with a Halloween themed bag or badge. Children get to choose their preferred design and create their unique bag or badge. All works created are original!